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Midterm Exams

posted Jan 1, 2013, 3:10 PM by   [ updated Jan 13, 2013, 6:29 PM ]
The semester will soon come to a close. Before we can officially bid adieu to semester 1, students need to get through their midterm examinations. Midterms are scheduled for Tuesday, January 22 through Friday, January 25. Site for full information on midterms.

Whether it is your first time taking a comprehensive test like this, or you are a seasoned veteran, it is important to review your study and test-taking skills to make sure you are prepared to do your best. Although midterms/finals may feel like a drag, you will be thankful to have had this experience. Many high school students are not prepared for these tests that they will certainly face when they enter the college world.

In the 2 advisories leading up to midterm week, you will talk about study/test-taking skills. I have included the presentation notes here (log in to your ASD account to view).

Best of luck!

Study Skills/Test Skills (log in to your ASD account to view)