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All ASD students are highly encouraged to create an online account with CollegeBoard. Any student registering to take the SAT will eventually have to create an account, however it would be beneficial to do so sooner than later.

College Board not only allows you to register for the SAT, but also offers comprehensive information on almost every college (US and beyond), along with a nice feature called BigFuture, which can be found at

BigFuture offers students a college planning organizer that covers nearly every conceivable aspect of college planning for grades 8 and higher. Once you have registered, you can also opt in to daily emails from College Board, including a daily SAT practice question.

BigFuture will guide you through planning for college, finding colleges that fit you (especially with the results from Bridges), and help you with finding scholarships. Using Bridges and BigFuture together is similar to Naviance.