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Grants are similar to scholarships where the money is awarded and not expected to be repaid. Grants are based on financial need where scholarships are based on merit. Grants can come from 3 sources: 1) the Federal government, 2) the college/university at which you are enrolling, and 3) private corporations.

Financial need is judged on the FAFSA. The CSS PROFILE may also be required by select private schools. IMPORTANT: Check with the financial aid offices of schools that which you are accepted and are contemplating enrolling for information on FAFSA and CSS PROFILE (if required) deadlines.

Federal Grants
Qualification for Federal grants is based on financial need gathered on the FAFSA.

Link for information on available Federal grants:

School-level Grants
Again, completing the FAFSA and PROFILE will be most helpful in qualifying for tuition grants. Contact the financial aid offices of potential enrolled schools to find out what grants exist.

Private Grants
These grants are often offered to targeted populations. Some exist for students enrolling in majors for careers of critical shortage where the student works as a trainee, and then possibly gives a pre-determined number of years of service post-graduation. These programs are often available for teaching and nursing positions in select parts of the country. 

Other grants may exist for minority populations (African American, Asian American, Hispanic/Latin American, Native American, First in Family College Student, Students with Disabilities, etc.). Again, contact potential schools of enrollment, as private corporations often partner with select schools.