Career Development DOE Frameworks

As a resource, the Department of Education's K-12 Career Curriculum Framework is attached as a PDF file.  


These goals establish general expectations of what New Hampshire students should know and be able to do in the area of career development at the end of grade twelve. These broad goals will be attained as students acquire the knowledge, concepts, skills, and processes set forth under each of the organizing areas presented in this curriculum framework.

♦ The student will continuously acquire skills, attitudes, and knowledge that contribute to
effective learning.

♦ The student will make developmentally appropriate decisions about future education and continuing preparation for life and work.

♦ The student will understand and demonstrate the relationship of academics to careers in civic, social, and everyday settings.

♦ The student will use information-gathering techniques and technologies in collecting, analyzing, organizing, and presenting information.

♦ The student will work effectively with others, including people from diverse backgrounds, and contribute to group efforts by sharing ideas, suggestions, and workloads.

♦ The student will demonstrate individual qualities such as responsibility, self-management, integrity, respect for self and others, flexibility, confidence, and a willingness to explore.

♦ The student will use a variety of methods, appropriate to the purpose and audience, to
communicate effectively.

♦ The student will plan and prepare for a variety of current and future educational and career opportunities, based upon assessments of individual qualities and interests.

♦ The student will understand and apply safety concepts in school, work and everyday settings.

♦ The student will perform mathematical operations with the proficiency required to conduct transactions, and will apply problem solving and reasoning strategies in school, work, and everyday settings.

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